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Our Story

We are four sisters from the Indian state of Gujarat. 
the Swaadish story started with our family.
Four Swaadish curry sauce sisters from Gujarat
Pouring Swaadish curry sauce
Labelling Swaadish curry sauce
Three Swaadish sisters at a market
Small batch curry sauce being pouresd

As kids we spent hours in our kitchens learning about the magic of spices, herbs and local ingredients. The knowledge was handed down from generation to generation. We cooked what our parents cooked, getting recipes from them which we would adapt, making meals for our children, families and friends.


We couldn't always find these authentic flavours in the UK and the more we cooked, the more people asked for the recipes and the sauces.

Over the last six years we've been working on our sauces and have now got six that bring the magic of Gujarat to your senses with every mouthful. 

Despite making our sauces in bigger pots, we still believe in cooking in small batches and keeping the home cooked, personal touch

Jez's swaadish Story


Hello, I'm Jez. I started The Bowler Meatballs & Vegballs in 2011. We were one of the UK's first food trucks and have loved being part of the UK's street food scene. I've made a lot of meatballs, vegballs and hundreds of litres of sauce since. We've balled on the streets, at the UK's biggest festivals, film sets and private parties.

I came across the Swaadish sauces over three years ago and have been eating one a week since then. When the ladies told me they were thinking about stopping I panicked and simply had to get involved!

Now I am hanging on their every word, shopping and cooking with them. I'm bringing all I've learnt to the table too and believe it's some of the tastiest, dynamic and easy to use sauces around. It's all very exciting. 

In case you are wondering where the name comes from. Swaadish means tasty. A phrase we believe to be true of every jar you eat.

Please keep in touch.

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