• Here at Swaadish we pride ourselves on
    delivering homemade flavour-packed
    products, each jar created with loving care
    and a unique twist on traditional Indian
    cuisine brought from the depths of Gujarat
    by four sisters who hold generations of
    secrets bursting to be shared with you.
  • "I had a taste, bought a jar
    and cooked as soon as I got
    home. It was amazing! My
    local Indian has just lost a
    customer I'm afraid."
    Paul Hutson
  • Swaadish truly brings the magic of Gujarat to your senses with every mouthful and unleashes a world of magical secrets hidden in simple, honest and delicious products
  • Enter into a new secret world of Indian Cuisine! Swaadish brings out an exotic fusion
    of flavours which have evolved from the depths of Gujarat, India, and have been kept
    secret for hundreds of years.

    The story behind Swaadish lies with four very unique sisters who, with nothing but
    determination, willpower and the love of good food have unleashed these mysterious
    secrets, held by them for generations, to a new audience.

    From a young age, the sisters spent hours in the kitchen learning about the magic of
    spices, herbs and ingredients. With endless guidance and knowledge passed down
    from ancestors before them, the sisters began to develop their own individual twists
    on recipes. The sisters started to create fusions of flavours never tried before in Indian cooking. With this a new dream was born and Swaadish was created.